Monday, June 21, 2010

On Page Search Engine Optimization!

Another update from SEOBook:

On-Page SEO

A Ranking Dropkick From Google ... From #1 to #1,000 :(

In November of 2003 Google did a major update to their search relevancy algorithms, which was known in the SEO community as the Florida update. That update marked the day that SEO became hard. Prior to that point in time, on page optimization tips from many SEOs would have sounded something like this "use your keywords heavily everywhere." But that update changed how on-page-optimization works.

"Over Optimized" = Spammy

Keyword density is an ineffective measure of relevancy, so excessive repetition is not an effective SEO strategy. Many (formerly top ranked) pages and sites that use keywords too aggressively end up getting completely filtered out of the search results.

Google's Matt Cutts described the type of pages that disappeared in this video: Click here to see more!

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